Miracles and Testimonies

Do you realize that God still performs MIRACLES? If not, we are delighted to report just a couple that the Lord has graciously performed amongst our congregation.


If you are facing what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, such as a health crisis or any other vexing situation, we pray the below comments encourage you to hang in there. Never give up! The Lord is faithful and ever willing to assist. He can be counted on to answer the most difficult of prayers!

Healed of Menstrual Hemorrhage

During the Thanksgiving holiday of 2015, another of our members came forward seeking prayer to be healed of a menstrual hemorrhage for which she could find no relief -- medical or otherwise -- for over one month. As she explained, this condition had effected...

Raised to Life!

In November 2014, the uncle of one our members suddenly collapsed after suffering a massive heart attack. It was reported that one of his main coronary arteries was 100% blocked and that he lay unresponsive for some 45 minutes prior to the arrival of the EMTs. In...
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