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Singles Ministry

Regardless of the activity, our focus is upon encouraging personal spiritual development and maturity during one's single season of growth.

Overseen by Deacon Deborah Connor, the LOJ Caldwell Single’s Ministry sets the standard for balancing fun, fellowship and faith among those patiently waiting and trusting the Lord to provide a godly mate.  Included among our singles are those whom have never married and those who are legally divorced. We are pleased to have young, vibrant adults in our ministry as well as those who are a bit more senior in age. We also serve widows through this ministry.

At the heart of this ministry is the belief that Jesus must be the center of our life and focus, and that our relationship with Him supercedes all other committments.  We therefore encourage our single members to fall in love with Jesus before marrying, and allow Him to become the foundation of that most important relationship.

To this end, our singles are supported through a variety of outreach efforts, including but not limited to ministry conferences, seminars, travel excursions, retreats and evangelistic outreaches.  But let’s not forget the fun!  There are an equal amount of social events, such as bowling, movies, dining, sporting events and Broadway shows. Regardless of the activity, the vision of this ministry remains the same: to foster and encourage personal spiritual development and maturity during one’s single season of growth.

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