Children's Ministry

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. (Proverbs 22:6, NLT)

The Love of Jesus Family Church of the Caldwells absolutely LOVES kids!

Our children’s and youth ministry, which is headed by Pastor Todd’s wife, Trina, has been designed to help our younger members learn about the love of Jesus in a fun and interactive way. Whether through music, storytelling, puppets, drama, arts and crafts, or good old fashioned “cool” games, our children and youth are aided in their journey of faith through a keen awareness God’s Word and His presence in their lives.

Trina teaches our youth a scripture each week and encourages them to stand strong for God in their neighborhoods and schools.  She is very creative in her utilization of visual aids to communicate the relevance of God’s Word to their lives. It has been said that even the most mundane day provides us with experiences that show the Lord is actively working in our lives.  Trina’s approach to youth ministry reflects this understanding.

Drawing from more than a decade of experience as a recreational therapist for Children’s Specialized Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the nation, and from her years of service as a Youth Leader and Supervisor of LOJ’s Teens of Purpose Ministry, Trina has devoted the majority of her professional and ministerial life to children and youth.  Her passion is to build our young people up on sound Biblical principles and to instill an abiding faith and courage to share His love with the rest of our world.

Questions about our Children’s Ministry?

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