Come Experience the LOVE OF JESUS!

At the Love of Jesus Family Church of the Caldwells, we understand that stepping into an unfamiliar church for the first time can be a little unsettling for some people. That is why, when you visit our church, you can expect to feel immediately welcomed and accepted.

Ours is a growing, intimate and dynamic church filled with families, singles, students, children and seniors. Regardless of your background, we guarantee that you will be encouraged by our passionate worship and by our pastor’s creative and relevant presentations each week.

One of the things that you will immediately recognize about us is that we are a FAMILY church! As such, we deeply care about our members and strive to build lasting and meaningful relationships that can be relied upon, especially in times of trouble.

You will be prayed for, encouraged, supported and helped. And, to be honest, you will have some fun and laugh a little bit in church, as well. Maybe shed a tear, too, as you encounter a deep worship experience with the Lord.

In other words, every Sunday you will have an opportunity to meet with the very God who not only created you, but longs to shower you with His unfailing love. Your heart will be touched, your mind edified and your spirit uplifted.

All are welcome — so come as you are! Indeed, we invite you to come and experience a different kind of church with a very familiar gospel message — the Love of Jesus!

Werner Hall

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