Healed of Menstrual Hemorrhage

During the Thanksgiving holiday of 2015, another of our members came forward seeking prayer to be healed of a menstrual hemorrhage for which she could find no relief — medical or otherwise — for over one month. As she explained, this condition had effected practically every aspect of her life. The physical toll it had taken upon her and her husband was unmistakable. However, she reported that, as Pastor Todd laid his hands on her and began to pray, she felt the presence of God overshadow her. She further testified that, in that moment, the Lord revealed to her that the hemorrhage would cease shortly thereafter. That very evening, she noticed a slight lessening of the bleeding. The next day, even more lessening. By the third day, the month-long flow had completely stopped — and that without medication or any other manner of medical intervention.

Praise The Lord!

Raised to Life!

prayersIn November 2014, the uncle of one our members suddenly collapsed after suffering a massive heart attack. It was reported that one of his main coronary arteries was 100% blocked and that he lay unresponsive for some 45 minutes prior to the arrival of the EMTs. In short, he was all but officially pronounced dead by the time he was transported to the Emergency Department.

At the time of the collapse, he was in Canada. Unbeknownst to his niece and the rest of the Church at the time, the Lord quite literally interrupted our Sunday morning worship service and divinely inspired Pastor Todd to pray with fervency for someone teetering on the brink of mortality. By word of knowledge, Pastor Todd interceded that this individual would be brought back from death and placed again (as it were) onto “the path of life.” It was not until Sunday night — when the family in Canada notified his niece — that it was revealed precisely whom we were interceding for.

As it turned out, in addition to emergent open heart surgery, his physicians also determined that a coma would have to (afterward) be induced in order to stabilize his body, and several additional surgical procedures attempted to repair his heart. However, the physicians were utterly surprised to discover that within 24 hours of his initial bypass surgery, this fellow had so remarkably rebounded and begun to heal that neither the coma nor any additional cardiac surgeries would be necessary. Indeed, they were quite shocked when this patient was discharged home with a clean bill of health less than four days after presenting to Emergency in a deathly, moribund state.

To God be the glory!