Meet our pastor's wife, Trina

Trina is the Director of the Children’s Ministry. Having devoted the majority of her professional and ministerial life to children and youth, Trina’s passion to rear young people upon sound Biblical principles and to instil an abiding faith within them is without bounds.

At LOJ Caldwell, Trina oversees our Children’s Ministry.  Drawing from nearly two decades of experience, Trina and the other members of her leadership team creatively utilize music, storytelling, puppets, drama, arts and crafts, or “cool” games, to teach our youngest members about the love of Jesus in a fun and interactive way. More importantly, our children and youth are aided in their journey of faith through a keen awareness of God’s Word and His presence in their lives.

A little over a year into their marriage, Trina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella. Two years later, the family welcomed their first boy, Sean, and two years after that, Noah arrived. Last June 2015, the family received its fourth bundle of joy, Samantha. If you ask Trina, among her greatest joys in the world are her husband and four children.

Someone said, “behind every great man is an even greater woman …” Truer words were never spoken concerning our Pastor’s wife! Trina is a stunningly beautiful and devoted wife, outstanding mother and impassioned worshiper of God. Together with her husband, they lead the Love of Jesus Family Church of the Caldwells.

One of six siblings, Trina grew up and has lived most of her life in Caldwell. After graduating James Caldwell High School, she enrolled at Montclair State University, where she concentrated on the study of health professionals in recreational therapy. She obtained her degree in 1998 and the following year begin a very successful career as a Recreational Therapist at Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, which is one of the largest and best pediatric hospitals in the nation. Trina would eventually go on to become supervisor of the Recreation Therapy Department at the hospital’s new headquarters in New Brunswick.

Trina and Pastor Todd met almost two decades ago in 1999 at their home church in Orange. Almost immediately the two became best friends, as they both served in a number of ministries under the direct tutelage of Pastors Jason and Gale Alvarez. Trina, in particular, served as a leader in LOJ’s Youth Ministry and, later on, she was tapped by Pastor Gale to help supervise the Teens of Purpose Ministry, which was a ground-breaking outreach specifically designed for young girls between the ages of 13 and 19. The couple would go on to marry in 2007.

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